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Columbus Ohio DUI Attorney Jay Schwart understands that being charged with DUI/OVI in Ohio can significantly impact on your life, family and current employment as well as future opportunities. Ohio DUI penalties include potential confinement (jail time or driver intervention programs), possible forfieture of vehicle (multiple DUI offenses), suspension of driving privileges including ALS (Administrative License Suspension), reinstatement fees to get your driver's license back, court costs, points against your Ohio Driver’s License, as well as auto insurance rate increases, and potential bonding requirements or possibly auto coverage being dropped altogether. Ohio has continually passes new laws and Rules to make it more difficult to defend DUI/OVI charges, thus making it even more important that you have an experienced Columbus Ohio DUI Attorney to defend your DUI charges and seek the best possible outcome to your DUI case with your best interest in mind. Columbus Ohio DUI Lawyer Jay Schwart has the knowledge, training, experience and creativity to raise the proper defenses and fight for your rights throughout the litigation process.

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DUI charges in Ohio or any state can have significant negative impact on your life, family, and employment. As a Columbus Ohio Drunk Drivng Charges Defense Lawyer you can expect commitment to protecting your rights and your future through strong representation by preserving and raising all valid DUI defenses. As your Columbus Ohio DUI Lawyer, Jay Schwart will work with you to determine the best course of action to pursue in defending your DUI case. Schwart Law office is located in Columbus Ohio and handles DUI / OVI cases throughout Ohio.


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Attorney Jay Schwart began practicing law in 1982 with his first cases being criminal court appointments, including representation people charged with DUI/OVI in Ohio. Early on Attonrey Schwart saw that Ohio law enforcement would often not hesitate to exaggerate alleged bad driving or field sobriety test results. Ohio law enforcement would do whatever was necessary to justify stopping a car, making an arrest, and trying to obtain a DUI/OVI conviction

Because of the attitude of many law enforcement officers, attorney Schwart was quick to learn that to help his clients, he must be aggressive, creative and zealous in his Ohio DUI defenst representation. This includes understanding the DUI laws, learning the facts of each individual DUI case, reviewing the dynamics of the scene of the DUI arrest where the initial questioning and field sobriety tests took place, knowing the procedures for blood/breath alcohol testing, and willingness to go to trial.

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The information provided on this site is not, nor is it intended to be legal advice. You should consult an Ohio DUI / OVI lawyer for individual advice regarding your own legal situation. Schwart Law office is happy to provide this consultation and can be reached at (614) 488-6005 or (800) 788-8854.